Manipur got independence from the British a day before India got. Even though Manipur was forcefully annexed with India, the 14th August will be always remembered in our hearts as our Independence Day.

And we should never forget “Athouba Pebam Chittaranjan” who sacrificed his life as a torch-bearer (lamjing meira) for all Manipuris who are fighting against the BLACK LAW of India (AFSPA 1958). Since we were merged with Indian Union, we have been fighting against the Indian and the Manipuri Goverment for the human rights violation, rampant corruption and many other issues.

Let’s keep fighting against all these problems specially the AFSPA. Don’t lose your fighting spirit; we are manipuris, our fighting spirit runs in our veins.

Happy Independence Day!!

Watch this video of TAPTA titled “Athouba Chittaranjan”.

Singer/Lyricist/Composer : Jayenta Lk


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