Regarding TAPTA FAN MEET CUM PICNIC programme, we organised a meetup @ Bir Tikendrajit Park on 27 Feb, 2017.

The agenda was to get know each other, discuss the location of the picnic and the contributions. So far we have met the following TAPTA Fans who are interested in participating the programme.

Name Location
Johnson Khangabok
Gunabanta Kakwa
Birjit H. Kakwa
Bk Mangang Moirang
Donna M. Uripok
Theko N. Thoubal
Manoj P. Pallel
Satish Kh. Uripok
Deepu Sagolband
Ajit H. Kakwa
Chinglai L Keinou
Lemba N. Kairang
Kelvin W. Kairang
Chinglensana K. Takhel

Resolutions :
1. Make Sure the number of participants is not less than 50.
2. Desired location for the programme is Chingnungkhok.
3. Minimum Contribution per head should be at least Rs. 300 and one may contribute more.
4. To ensure an unplugged performance by Tapta also.

We thank everyone who came yesterday for the meetup program. We will inform everyone in our page also for the next meetup.  Stay tune.

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