Lately I have been watching a lot of Tapta YouTube music videos. I was saddened by the fact that there was not a single find-all playlist.

Keeping the thought in mind, I started a project of collecting watchable stage performance as well as music videos of Tapta. A YouTube playlist with videos from different sources has been created. It is just started. All those videos will be uploaded in our channel Tapta Music Videos so that the source links will not be lost. It will be a continuous project and it will be updated regularly.

Link for YouTube Playlist (click here)

Videos Collected So Far :

Titles Vol/Series/Gv
Khoimu | Volume 07
Dolai | Postman
Urik | Volume 03
Exam Hall Volume 08
AMADA Mobile 01
Nungsiba Khanglamdragabu Khudop Series
Khudop Khudop Series
Khoimu Volume 07
CSO Single
60 MLA Volume 08
Thangjing Laigi Laimang Basanta Kainarabi Gulap
wrong Number Mobile 01
Election Volume 05
Lai Khutsangbi Volume 07
Bandh Bandh Volume 03
Meelal Member Gv 02
Kwak Kwak (ILP) ILP
Keishal Jail Single
Basanta Kainarabi Gulap Acoustic Basanta Kainarabi Gulap
Doctor Volume 04
Konggol Volume 08
Thawaigi Thawai Acoustic Volume 04
Power of Attraction Acoustic Volume 01
Tapta Interview Interview
Nang Phaobadi Gv 02
Bomb Bomb Volume 01
Hairamdana Volume 01
Round Kick Volume 01
Interview by Impact Interview
Nongthang Volume 08
Sou Sou Volume 01
Buldu 1958
31st December Volume 02
Hairamdana (Gems&Tapta) Acoustic
Ougri Tapta nite Concert
Facebook 69 Volume 13
Job Card Volume 13
We Believe Volume 07
Sim Card Mobile 02
Recharge Card Mobile 01
Talab Volume 10
Black Honda Volume 02
Mirensang Wanted
Sharmila (Gwangju) Sharmila
Mama Nang Tumli Eche
Problem Wanted
Round Kick (animation) Volume 01

PS. It is a guest post by a Tapta Fan (original link).


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